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Grow your own Christmas tree lights (just kidding)

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Pot Size 9cm
Planting Location Full sun
Full Grown Height 60cm
Full Grown Width 50cm
Plant Outside Prefers life indoors
Delivery from Late April to Early May

An incredibly pretty little chilli plant. Small 2.5cm peppers grow above a canopy of deep green leaves. Fruits start out purple, then turn yellow, then orange and finally to red. Great to grow on a sunny windowsill. Plant will grow to 60cm tall if allowed to. You can keep it smaller by growing in a smaller pot, maybe 1-2 litre.

One last note, I gave one of these to my brother last year. He has no horticultural aspirations whatsoever. Yet he kept his plant alive right through the winter and it now looks like a beautiful little bonsai tree.

Delinel variety. Reliable crop over long season
Small, bright orange squashes up to 1.5kg
Very prolific milder Jalapeno pepper
Orange habanero peppers, bred for cooler climates
Worlds hottest chilli pepper


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