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We grow and sell a range of young flowers, vegetables & chillies for you to grow on in your own garden or allotment.


Garden Ready Plant Delivery In Stanwick, East Northamptonshire

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True Naturals Plant Nursery

Welcome to True Naturals Plant Nursery in Stanwick, East Northamptonshire. We grow and sell a range of young flowers and vegetables for you to grow on in your own gardens and allotments. We hand deliver our garden ready plants to any location within 15 miles of Stanwick including Kettering, Thrapston, Wellingborough and St Neots. We are a small husband and wife team and we are passionate about our produce. We take real pride in our work and take time to grow good quality plants that will produce a great crop. All of our items are priced very reasonably and hand delivered personally by us in secure and safe packaging. If you have any questions about our garden ready plant delivery in Stanwick, East Northamptonshire, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at True Naturals Plant Nursery.



Garden Ready


Give your garden some colour with one of our carefully selected flowers. Perhaps you would like some vibrant Snapdragons, or maybe you would like some fiery Rudbeckias. Whatever you are looking for, we have a great selection of plants ready for you to pot in your garden.

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Garden Ready


We grow a range of vegetable plants from tasty green courgettes to ripe red tomatoes. We make sure to grow the best varieties which will ensure you get an abundant harvest. You'll be amazed at the difference in taste when your crop is ready to pick.

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Garden Ready


If you are looking to add some real kick to your meals, why not try one of our peppers. We've got milder varieties that everyone can enjoy, right up to super-hot peppers that should only be tasted by the very brave!

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Why Choose True Naturals Plant Nursery?


We Give You Value For Your Money

We started the True Naturals Plant Nursery because of our dissatisfaction with garden stores which price their plants very high. We are a small nursery and we have far less overheads. This means we can price our plants at a much more reasonable cost.



We Really Care About Our Plants

We are a small business who take real pride in what we grow, and we want you to experience the joy of growing as much as we do. We can only do that by selling good quality flowers and vegetables that will give you an abundant crop.



We Will Deliver Your Plants Safely

If you've ever ordered a plant online from a large store you may have been disappointed to find your precious plant arrive in a battered box. We know, because we've been there too. The good news is that we personally deliver all of our plants, so you can be confident they will arrive safely.



Our Location and Delivery

At the True Naturals Plant Nursery, we provide garden ready plant delivery in Stanwick, East Northamptonshire and to all locations within 15 miles of this including Kettering, Thrapston, Wellingborough, St Neots, Rushden, Clapham and Northampton. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Government regulations state that without prohibitively expensive authorisation to produce plant passports, you are restricted to “face to face” sales. For this reason, we deliver all of our plants ourselves. This keeps us legal. We have set a limit of a 15 mile radius from our base in Stanwick.

If you live outside of our area, we sadly cannot accept your order. In the future, as our business grows, we do hope to offer nationwide delivery.



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