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About Our Garden Ready Plant Delivery in Stanwick, East Northamptonshire

My name is Bob Carr. I run True Naturals Plant Nursery along with my wife Hazel. I take care of the day to day running of everything, while Hazel is in charge of moral support, clever ideas and a daily prayer. I have always been a keen vegetable gardener, however it was only recently, that I was able to find the time to really appreciate the beauty and benefits of growing flowers. I am fortunate to have always had green fingers, (green thumb if you are American) and love nurturing young plants from seed. Lately, I have also developed a fascination for growing chilli peppers, especially the super hot ones! Even though they are too much for my palate, there are always plenty of people ready to try them.

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Why We Started True Naturals Plant Nursery


Garden ready plant delivery Stanwick. True Naturals Plant Nursery. Lettuce starter plants.


I believe national food sovereignty is really important. Every year we see more of our arable land sold off for housing or warehouses and factories. Unfortunately, this means that as a nation we have long since lost the ability to feed ourselves. If our borders were to close long term, we would suffer serious food shortages. This is why, I passionately encourage anyone with a bit of growing space, to have a go at growing their own food. Our first business concept originally came to us before the first Covid19 lockdown; to grow microgreens for up-market restaurants and hotels. Sadly, when all the pubs, restaurants and hotels were closed, we lost all our customers.


So, we needed a plan B that allowed me to continue growing things, and utilise all of the infrastructure we had invested in. It was only when a friend remarked that she would pay us for some nice bedding plants, that we realised the answer was staring us in the face – a plant nursery. Our business is a new start up. This year, we will be working out of our back garden. Seeds are germinated in my high tech grow room, then grown on in my outsized greenhouse (nicknamed the Green Hotel) until they are ready for you. I really am taking a “leap of faith” from hobby gardener to professional. I hope that you and all my fellow gardeners want to support a local business, and recognise a good honest deal when they see one. 

Garden ready plant delivery Stanwick. True Naturals Plant Nursery. Tomato starter plants.




What Makes Us Special?

Pride and honesty are the first words that come to mind. I am truly passionate about what I do, and I am proud of the results I achieve.

As a business, our premise is simple; to supply local gardeners with healthy growing plants, that are pretty much ready to plant out in their permanent homes, all at a reasonable price. We also take care of our own deliveries to ensure all our plants reach the customer in perfect condition.

In the past, I have been so disappointed with online purchases of half dead, bare rooted plants, delivered by a courier that doesn’t really care, and in a box that looks like it has had a fridge sat on it for at least half of it’s journey. This is why, we also offer personal delivery of our garden ready plants in the area around Stanwick, East Northamptonshire.

The extortionate prices in local garden centres also leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Any business wants to make an honest profit, but surely there has to be limits!

This business is all about serving fellow gardeners. My dedication to the plants will be reflected in their condition when they are delivered to you. Every plant will always be priced at a fair, reasonable cost, so that you get real value for your money.

If you have any questions about our garden ready plant deliveries in Stanwick, East Northamptonshire, I would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at True Naturals Plant Nursery.

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True Naturals Mission Statement

We shall do our best to maintain a spirit of excellence, diligence, trust, peace and harmony that transcends throughout our business and spreads to the relationships we grow with our customers.

- Bob & Hazel.



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