Tomato Bellandine F1


Large plum shaped fruit, almost seedless

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Pot Size 9cm
Planting Location Full sun
Full Grown Height up to 180cm
Full Grown Width 50cm
Plant Outside May to June
Delivery from May to Early June

180cm vines produce these large and elongated plum tomatoes. The pinkish coloured fruits grow to up to 18cm long and 180g in weight, with hardly any seeds. They make an excellent salad tomato and make great tomato juice or passata

Will do best in a greenhouse or conservatory, but should be ok in a sheltered, sunny spot outdoors.

They are an F1 variety, so the seeds were expensive, about fifty times more than heirloom varieties. So they are a little dearer, but well worth giving a go.

Blue Lake variety. Prolific cropper, long season, non stringy
Sweet and crunchy little snacking peppers. Great for kids lunchboxes.
Early maturing pointed heads
Tall vines with long straight fruit
Very prolific milder Jalapeno pepper


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